Clean family mains

I don’t just send leaves, soups and salads out of the kitchen. I believe passionately in the way I eat, but I also need to make that work with two children and a beautiful bear of a husband. I consistently create healthy wholesome food for my family, but the children and Alex are not wheat free and their diet includes more cheese and meat than mine. We often share the same main meal, with a modification at the final hurdle that makes it work for all of us.

I want to raise the children with a balanced approach. We don’t have sweets or junk in the house, but that doesn’t mean they are completely off limits in their lives. I don’t have palpitations at children’s parties – but I don’t let them then inhale the contents of the party bag on the way home. I believe in that children respond to fairness and consistency. My children have healthy deserts and lots of fruit but they get the odd treat too.

I love making food for the family. I genuinely get a rewarding feeling when my food makes them smile.

The recipes here have been made with affection for people I love.

What does this actually mean?

It means giving thought to the whole process before you get started, making sure you have what you need and the time to prepare. Measure the ingredients correctly and chop the vegetables neatly. Food looks and tastes better when you’ve made more effort in the preparation. I make as much upfront as I can. I chop and pre-cook wherever possible so that the final rush is more about bringing things together and assembling. It’s not always easy with two small people at my ankles. Perhaps I should post the out-takes one day, to show the nearly made-it’s!

Curried meatballs with cumin and cinnamon rice – warming, fragrant and light

Garlicky mushrooms and herby greens – A lovely mid-weeker

Magestic masala – a sumptuous curry for all seasons

One egg wonders – 3 simple ideas for omelettes (including clean eating options)

Turkey and spinach mini burgers – a massive hit with all the family

Don’t forget…

…When you’re making for others don’t forget to add love. Seriously, the more you care about what you’re making, who it’s for and how you want them to feel, the more chance you have of creating delicious food that people enjoy.

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