Bakes (clean and classics)

I make a cake or do some sort of baking once a week. Like most kids, my children like to have a treat. I would rather it be something I have made, than something I bought on the supermarket shelf, potentially imported from another country, containing things I have no control over.

I lean towards loaf cakes or more robust bakes. These cakes develop their flavour over a few days and are also easier to slice up and pack into a bag for a snack at school.

The bakes below are a mixture of very low sugar content, wheat free bakes in addition to some more old school bakes that do use classic methods with sugar and flour.

I’ve shown in brackets which are ‘Classic’ and which are ‘Clean’:

A very guest friendly ginger cake (Classic, includes sugar and flour)

Ginger, carrot and apple loaf (Classic, includes sugar and flour)

Saintly cinnamon and carrot muffins (Clean, low sugar, natural ingredients and very healthy)

Scones with citrus and sultanas (Classic, includes sugar and flour)

Please also have a look at my clean snacks. There are lots of ideas for the school lunch box and for the mid afternoon pang you may need to fill as part of a healthy diet. Clean snacks.

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