Clean Eating

In its simplest form clean eating is about consistently putting goodness into our bodies, and doing so by eating food in its most natural state.

To truly do this well you need to do find out what GOOD means, what it tastes like and how it feels. Clean eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change that requires a real understanding and love for food.

It is about replacing unhealthy foods that have little or no nutritional value with healthy foods full of nutrients that the body wants and needs. You don’t need any smart equipment just common sense and hopefully blogs like mine to provide guidance and inspiration.

Essentially it involves going back to basics.

  • Avoid food that is refined or processed. These foods have been altered from their natural state. Processed foods are often high in chemical additives, trans fats and salts and sugars. Things to avoid include white flour, breads, sugar and pasta.
  • Be more in touch with what you’re buying. The food you buy and consume shouldn’t have a label on. If it has a label it should only contain one or two (familiar and natural) ingredients.
  • Eliminate your enemies. We don’t respond the same to all foods. Learn what works for you and which foods cause chaos. Listen to your body and eradicate things that have negative effects.

This isn’t about counting every calorie, but watching portion size is really important. Our bodies prefer to digest smaller quantities of food and more often. Eating in this way stops you from overworking the digestive system  getting too hungry and keeps the body’s metabolism running.

You know you’ve cracked it when you see this way of life as a pleasure and not a chore. I am delighted and excited by food and I know I am not missing out.

I have explained what Clean Eating means to me and how I incorporate this into my world in my Lifestyle principles page.

Why adopt this approach?

The single only reason to do this is to make yourself feel great. To give yourself the chance to be in top condition, feeling your best inside and out.

The goal isn’t perfection. If you like a glass of wine at the weekend (I do!) then make that part of your overall plan. If you’d feel bereft without some cake every now and then, don’t torture yourself, give yourself permission. A 90/10 approach is a great way to make sure you give yourself a break if you want it.

The marketing bandwagon

I am a teeny bit cross with myself for adopting the definition ‘Clean Eating’ in this blog. After all people have been loving, living, training, with this mindset for years. They’ve understood how food works and the benefit of good natural food. They’ve been quite happily existing without the need for a definition. Anything with a definition means marketing opportunity – ways to sell books, products and ideas. It’s slightly ironic that there’s an opportunity to milk the concept of pairing back and eating more naturally.

However, the upside of having a term we’re getting used to is that it makes a quick reference check when looking online or in books for inspiration. I’d like to eventually add to that inspiration reference for people. I hope some of the ideas and techniques on this blog could inspire someone to try this approach and make a massive positive change to their lives forever.

If you have time, take a look at the recipes and ideas in the following categories:

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