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Hello I’m Laura, originally from Yorkshire, I now live in Gibraltar with my husband Alex, our children Tobias and Martha and Finn the dog. I love my family, design, writing and food. I’m bringing those passions to one place here.

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I’ve always been pretty healthy and enjoyed exercise, but I haven’t always eaten the way I do now or felt as well as I do now.  It’s not a jaw dropping story of ill health to recovery, but over the years I have really struggled with my digestion. I nursed really painful IBS type symptoms for years, self medicating with Pepto Bismol and peppermint tablets. Somewhere in my early 20’s I was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. The two were seemingly unrelated, but when I look back I wasn’t a beacon of health. I had all sorts of crutches in my life from the first coffee, to the mid afternoon jelly babies and the post work G and T. It might be an age thing, but when I look back I was a bag of nervous energy. At my most brilliant I was daring, ambitious, witty, enthusiastic and enormous fun to be around. At my worst I was privately worried about seemingly everything and bouncing through bouts of exhaustion and pain.

At some stage after meeting the man I was clearly going to marry, I felt it was time to sort some stuff out. Through some not very complex processes of deduction I found out that the world was dramatically better for me without wheat. Once I realised that I stopped wheat and gluten altogether.

That’s where the journey started.

Over a ten year period I’ve just pushed harder with my fitness and experimented more to find out the right foods and nutrients that work for me. I became a professional reflexologist after my first child was born and that gave me a massive new insight into myself and an enlightening introduction into the ‘whole’ in holistic.

I’ve gradually developed a natural set of food principles that I follow and incorporate into our family life. I feel that the way we approach food now will be massively important to our children’s ongoing relationship with food and their overall emotional and physical well being.

I eat in a very clean way. I’d say 90% of my diet includes whole foods and unprocessed ingredients cooked with care. I do so because it feels right and combined with exercise it makes me feel really good. I maintain high energy levels, and I’m happy and healthy. I have great ‘bouncebackability’. But I’m human. I love the way a great glass of wine softens lifes edges. I get a real buzz out of going out for dinner and I believe good times and new experiences create great memories.

Have a read of my lifestyle principles if you’re interested in knowing how I personally manage my beliefs on clean eating and healthy living.

I love food blogs, especially clean eating blogs. I feel inspired by some of the things I read. I’ve picked up some great motivation tips and recipes along the way. However there are a few people out there who mention how their approach blends with the real life reality of frazzled hungry kids or husbands that travel, who crave curry or beans on toast when they return!

This blog has come about because I wanted to bring together all the favourite things we eat and from there add on some of the new winners we gather along the way. It’s an exercise for us as a family, but hopefully others might connect with the approach and the content.

Fundamentally I believe that you can achieve physical and emotional happiness through good food. Both in the giving of well made delights and in the eating of great natural ingredients.

I hope you enjoy and find ideas to take into your kitchen.

Laura x

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3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Tami January 29, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    I love this already! You make it all looked delicious and not to complicated! Can’t Wait to see and read more inspiring posts


  2. Jasper & Debs February 19, 2015 / 9:14 am

    Fab Blog Laura!! I can do with replacing my take-aways with these meals….will have to ban Debbie Clifford to the kitchen 😉 See you soon…hugs from the Mill dwellers


  3. peeledwellness March 10, 2015 / 8:02 pm

    Hi Laura! Thanks for sharing in my link up today! I really like your standpoint, its so balanced! I am so similar, I try to eat clean but also think sometimes certain indulgences (like wine & laughing) are too exquisite to pass up. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming next!
    Xoxo K


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