Salmon, date and almond tapas

We had an overnight visit to Tarifa at the weekend. It’s a small bohemian town in the province of Cadiz, on the southernmost coast of Spain. It literally sits at the very bottom corner of Europe where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic. It’s a great place. The kite surfing and water sports attracts a really laid back crowd and an easy atmosphere.

Today’s post has been inspired by the fabulous fish and fresh tapas we sampled on our visit. I have brought together 3 simple ingredients that together make a knock out tapas plate.

The sweetness of the date works beautifully with the fish and the creamy crunchy almond gives the little nibbles some extra texture.

4 (2)

For each piece you will need:

  • A strip of approximately 25g smoked salmon
  • 1 date
  • 1 almond

(Each piece contains around 70 calories)

To make:

  1. Pop an almond inside the date.
  2. Wrap the salmon around so that it just covers the date. Keep the strips the same if not a tiny bit wider than the date so that no date peaks out.
  3. Pierce through with a cocktail stick (don’t try pierce the nut just work to the side).
  4. Grind on a little black pepper and squeeze on some lime.
  5. Put in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for about 5 minutes and serve immediately.

And because I LOVE a good salad…

Another serving option is to slice up 4 single pieces once cooked through and serve with lightly dressed leaves and coriander.


Enjoy x

5 thoughts on “Salmon, date and almond tapas

  1. chris pescud April 22, 2015 / 9:33 am

    Just what you need after a 1000rep session

    Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 19:25:16 +0000 To:


    • Laura Kate April 22, 2015 / 11:08 am

      Ha ha excellent! A PAUSE button is what I need after that workout 🙂


  2. sameatshernutrients April 28, 2015 / 2:47 pm

    I am going to try this with some smoked trout I have in the refrigerator! Pretty!


  3. Laura Kate April 28, 2015 / 3:52 pm

    Oh lovely, I hope they roll up ok. Wasn’t sure if trout would be as thin. Nice combination though, enjoy x


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