Apricot and Cashew Frubars

These clean-eat and gluten free bars are truly gorgeous. I eat these now instead of Nakd bars. The basic principle is to combine fruits and nuts that taste great together, meaning there are loads of variations you can try.

Apricot and Cashew1_090115

I’ll make a weekly batch to share some of the combinations we like most. Today is Fruity Friday at school so my son has one in his packed lunch. Both the children love these. I’ll be honest, I’d probably have to smear in melted chocolate to convince Alex.

To make 5 bars you’ll need:
75g cashew nuts
3 large dates
45g unsulphered dried apricots
20g unsulphered raisins

Each bar contains around 130 calories (between 30 – 35g)

Just blend up the nuts in a processor until fine. Take them out and whizz up the fruit. Then mix them both together. You need to get your hands in and mix them up properly. Then press into a loaf tin or just shape them on a board using a pallette knife. Cut into 5 bars then cover with cling film and refirgerate them for a couple of hours.
I then wrap each individually in cling film and pop back in the fridge.

They’ll keep for a few days without any problem. Sounds cheesy – but we’ve never had to wait that long to find out.

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